The Joe Grkman Band
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Joe Grkman Jr. was voted 2011 Man of the Year by the United Musicians Polka Association of Pennsylvania (UMPAPA).  
PRESS RELEASE: The Grkmans have been honored to be selected as master artists for inclusion in the traveling art exhibit "MAKING IT BETTER : Folk Arts in Pennsylvania Today."

Check out the Grkmans at the Hofbräuhaus in Pittsburgh, PA. Steve performs for your dining and listening pleasure Wednesdays from 5 - 10 PM; Thursdays from 5 - 8:30 PM; Fridays from 5 - 9 PM; Saturdays from Noon – 5:30 PM; and Sundays from Noon – 5:30 PM.
Every first Wednesday of the month is Keg Tapping at Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh.  Steve starts the party at 5 PM with some great traditional button accordion music.  Joe and Mike, along with Alpen-Glow, join Steve at about 6:50 to introduce the seasonal "Bier of the Month."  The "Keg Tapping Parade" (through the Bier Hall) starts at 7 and culminates with the tapping of the keg.  After the keg is finished, everybody has the chance to "Meet the Brewers" as Alpen-Glow strolls through the hall with traditional festive Bavarian/German/Alpine music.  The band then takes the bandstand and performs until 10 PM.  We look forward to seeing you! Get there early - it's always a fun-filled event!
Mike and Joe perform with Mike Festa as the Bavarian Brats every Saturday from 9:30 PM - 1:30 AM.

Performance Schedule

Saturday, February 25, 2017
FREE GRKMANIA CONCERT as part of HealthFair 2017, Morgantown Mall, Morgantown, WV (Noon - 2 PM)
Sunday, April 2, 2017
Prime Time Polkas 20th Radio Anniversary Dance, Acme Club (American Slovenian Citizens Association), 230 Herron Ave., Cheswick, PA (performing with Jack Tady Bears 2 - 7 PM)
Sunday June 4, 2017
50th Year Anniversary of Herminie Crystal Ballroom (SNPJ Slovenian Ballroom) and 50th Anniversary of Grkman Band, Event held at Crystal Ballroom, 23 3rd Street, Herminie, PA 15637 -  Band performs 2 - 6 PM (In addition to the music, a salad bar will be offered from 2 to 3 p.m. with a buffet from 3 to 4, followed by the famous dessert table and music for dancing until 6. The cost is $20 per person through advance ticket sales only, contact Shirley Bailley at (724) 864-1606 to secure your ticket.)
Saturday, July 1, 2017
FREE GRKMANIA CONCERT - Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival, Twin Lakes Park, Greensburg, PA (11:00 AM – 12:30 PM on the Island Stage)
Saturday, July 8, 2017
Slovenefest, SNPJ Recreation Center, Enon Valley, PA  (in the Heritage Pavilion from Noon – 2 PM and 3 PM – 5 PM)
Sunday September 3, 2017
National SNPJ Days Celebration (Labor Day Weekend), SNPJ Recreation Center, Boro of SNPJ, Enon Valley, PA, FREE admission (alternating every hour with with Frank Stanger Orch. starting at 2 - 8 PM) (Event will be in lower pavilion – will be moved indoors if inclement weather)
Sunday November 12, 2017
UMPAPA Man of the Year Event, American Slovenian Citizens Association, 230 Herron Ave., Cheswick, PA  (check back for ticket details)
Sunday December 3, 2017
Westmoreland County Federation of SNPJ Lodges Dance at Herminie Crystal Ballroom (SNPJ Slovenian Ballroom), 23 3rd Street, Herminie, PA 15637 (2 - 6 PM)

Check back for updates...

For more information on booking the band, recordings or performances, write to:
Joe Grkman Jr.
Joe "GRKMANIA" Grkman Band
P.O. Box 584
South Park, PA  15129
Phone 724-348-5706
or e-mail us:

 Making It Better: Folk Arts in Pennsylvania Today features over 30 master artists who work within and for their respective communities. The art, coming from every corner of the state, represents a wide array of traditions: from Sudanese dance to Slovenian accordion, from Aztec ritual flutes to Urban Graffiti; from blacksmithing born of the steel industry to Italian bobbin lace learned by girls as insurance against poverty; and from German Catholic sawdust carpets to Vietnamese funerary portraits. Objects, photographs, film, music and interactive stations allow visitors to experience these traditions with all their senses. Dispelling the notions that folk art is “quaint” and “something from the past” this exhibit demonstrates that although most traditional arts are rooted in centuries’ old practices; they are meeting the needs of those living in very modern times. The featured artists come from many cultures and traditions. They all have different reasons for settling in Pennsylvania. Some were born and raised here. Some are refuges seeking asylum. Some are immigrants who came seeking jobs and opportunities. Yet, all these artists have rich traditions that they love sharing with anyone who is willing to learn.
Check out the exhibition travel schedule:
*Read about the Grkmans and other master artists in the essay "What does tradition have to do with it? Constructing cultural identity and community today" written by Dr. Lisa Rathje, Arts and Heritage Programs, Institute for Cultural Partnerships, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Read a transcription of the eight artists (including Joe Grkman) speaking about their work:
* Explore the exhibit themes:
* Meet the artists:

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