The Joe Grkman Band
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GRKMANIA Recordings

Hear GRKMANIA's CD Radio Premiere
"Great Grandpap Sings Traditional Slovenian Favorites"
Grkmania Featuring Joe Grkman Sr.
Song Listing:
1. Al' Me Bos Kaj Rada Imela  (Would You Like To Love Me?)
2. Pod Mojem Okencem  (Under My Window)
3. Moja Dekle Je Se Mlada  (My Girl Is Still Young)
4. Roza  (Flower of Love)
5. His'ca Pri Cest' Stoji  (House By the Road)
6. Dekle Na Vrtu Zelenum Sedi (A Girl Is Sitting in the Garden)
7. Oj Maricka Pegla  (Mary's Chores)
8. Zaplula Je Barcica Moja  (Sail Away My Little Boat)
9. Ta Stara Je Bolna, Ta Mlada Lezi  (The Old Woman Is Ill, The Young Girl Is Lazy)
10. Gremo Na Stajersko  (Going To Stajersko)
11. Micka Kovaceva  (The Blacksmith's Daughter)
12. Oja, Zmeraj Vesel, Vesel (Oh Yes, Always Happy)
13. Ko Psi Zalajajo  (The Barking Dog)
14. Adijo, Pa Zdrava Ostani (Farewell and Stay Healthy)
15. Jaz Pa Ti, Pa Zidana Marela  (You and I Under the Silk Umbrella)
16. Dekle Kdo Bo Tebe Trostal (My Girl, Who Will Trust You?)
17. Jaz Pa Pojdem Na Gorenjsko  (I Am Going To Gorenjsko)
18. Moj Fantic Je Na Tirolsko Vandral  (My Friend Is Traveling the Tyrol)
19. Tam Dol' Na Ravnem Polju  (There In the Meadow)
20. Na Planincah Solncece Sije  (Sunshine On the Mountain)

Available on CD
2005 Joe Grkman Band

 GRKMANIA's CD Radio Premiere  
Prime Time Polkas with Pam, Jerry & Don, 620 KHB Pittsburgh, Saturday, March 12, 2005, 11AM - 1PM
Tune in with your Windows Media Player...Hour #1 (26:51)     Hour #2 (16:05)
These clips have been edited.  For the complete broadcast and more of the best in polka music, visit their website
Jerry, Pam, Marko, Mike, Allison, Joe Jr. & Joe Sr.  

"Grkmania - The Button Box Polka Craze"
Song Listing:
1. Squeeze That Box  (Joe Grkman, Jr.)
2. Polka Rainbow  (Joe Grkman Jr.)
3. Shining Stars  (Joe Grkman Jr.)
4. A Bit of Hope  (Lyrics: Lindy Grkman / Music: Joe Grkman, Jr.)
5. Sounds From Days Gone By  (Steve Grkman/Joe Grkman, Jr.)
6. My Honey's Song  (Lyrics: Ron Grkman / Music: Joe Grkman Jr.)
7. Dreamy Eyes  (Joe Grkman, Sr./Joe Grkman Jr.)
8. Kickin' Button Box (Joe Grkman, Jr.)
9. There's No Doubt (Wedding Waltz from Blue Mountain)  (Lyrics: Cal Carter / Music: Joe Grkman, Sr./Joe Grkman, Jr.)
10. Roll Out the Buttons  (Joe Grkman Jr.)
11. Waltz Your Cares Away  (Joe Grkman, Jr.)
12. Grandpa's Coal Mining Song (Now It's Time For Slivovitz)  (Joe Grkman, Jr.)

Available on CD & cassette
1991 Joe Grkman Band

Heavy Button Music"Heavy Button Music" Song Listing:
1. Cruising the Freeway  (Joe Grkman, Jr.)
2. Return of the "G-Men"  (Joe Grkman, Sr./Joe Grkman Jr.)
3. My One and Only (Elsie's Song)  (Joe Grkman, Sr./Joe Grkman Jr.)
4. Let the Buttons Fly  (Joe Grkman, Jr.)
5. Uncle Jack's Polka  (Joe Grkman, Jr.)
6. Sunny Skies & Better Days  (Joe Grkman, Sr./Joe Grkman Jr.)
7. Going Home (Slovenia! Slovenia!)  (Joe Grkman, Sr./Joe Grkman Jr.)
8. Down Polka Alley (Steve Grkman/Joe Grkman, Jr.)
9. Swing 'N' Sway  (Joe Grkman, Jr.)
10. Picnic Theme  (Joe Grkman, Sr./Joe Grkman Jr.)
11. Breaking All the Rules  (Joe Grkman, Jr.)

Available on CD & cassette
2002/1989 Joe Grkman Band

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